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Discontinued. Please see NM Collector Cross Platform

Manage any collection

This software has been replaced by NM Collector Cross Platform. These pages remain for those who still own NM Collector JE. Thank you.

This collecting application can be used for free indefinitely or you can activate it for more features. You download the software and then purchase an activation key to unlock the enhanced features after a free 30 day trial.

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What makes this collection software different?

Unlike most other collecting software packages that require a separate purchase for each type of collection they manage, with this collecting application you get all of the following inventory templates and more with one purchase. There is no need to purchase each collection type separately. Pictures may be out of date so be sure to download NM Collecting Software for free so you can see the latest program features first hand.


Here are some examples of what can be managed. Please see Collection Templates page for a complete list of what is currently available. Click on Collection Template links in the menue (or bottom of page) to see more pictures for each collection type.

NM Software Pictures NM Collector Knives NM Collector Nihonto
NM Collecting Software Coins Inventory Report NM Collecting Gems Inventory Report NM Collector Stamps Inventory Report

One Purchase for all of your collections and all of your computers

One purchase entitles you to use this home inventory software for all of your collections on all of your computers. Written for Windows, Mac and Linux.

What is NM Collector Software?

Keep track of every aspect of your collection with this collecting software. Create detailed files on individual items with custom fields for any type of collection. For example, you can track model, serial number, purchase date, purchase price, sale price, and appraised value—even lets you attach photos to each entry. Searchable database has a statistics feature that lets you track both the appraised and realized value of individual items, or your entire collection. Print hard copy reports and personalized tags, even customize the screen appearance, modify or add field headings, and add your own drop-down values.

This collecting software application is written in Java with an embedded Derby database to help people manage their collections. The database can be encrypted or not depending on your needs and preferences. It is designed to be run on any computer that has Java 6 (or greater) installed. Java 6 is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is a very stable platform that has been around for many years with no foreseeable end to its availability on these platforms.

Portable Home Inventory Application

This is a truly portable application designed to be run on any computer with any operating system from a USB Flash drive. Although it can be installed on the computer hard drive it is also designed to run entirely off of a USB flash drive that can be plugged into any computer making it a truly portable application.

How It Works

Since NM Collector is so powerful, it can be a little hard to figure out at first. Therefore, the most commonly asked question is “How do I start entering data?” This question is answered in this video and on this page of step by step instructions with screen captures. It may not initially be intuitive because the User Interface allows you to do the following:

Since NM Collector is written in Java, it can be run directly off of a USB flash drive with no installation required. When run directly from a USB flash drive all data resides on the flash drive itself so it can be removed from the computer and taken with you to be run on any other computer – again – with no installation required. It can also be stored in a safe location.

It does run slower off of a USB flash drive so many people chose to run NM Collector off of their hard drive. In this case, it can still be easily copied to a USB flash drive for backup and for sharing with others.

Customizable Collecting Software

More Features

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Getting Started

Getting started is as easy as 1 2 3.

one Follow the step by step instructions to Download and “install” the software. Please note the USB install is for Works for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Does not have to be run from USB.
two Start the program based on the option you downloaded in accordance with these instructions.
three Follow these step-by-step instructions to start entering data.

Always backup the entire NM Collector Software directory. This protects your data if something should go wrong.

Getting Help

Getting help is as easy as A B C.

A Review the Known Issues page for the problem you are experiencing.
B Follow these step-by-step instructions to start entering data.
For additional help, please consider the following suggestions: Do Read the Printable User Manual Re Look through these Examples Me Visit the Support page

Is Java Safe?

There are some reports about security vulnerabilities with Java. These vulnerabilities are for Java browser plugins (applets) not Java applications like NM Collector. You can easily find instructions for disabling Java in web browsers to eliminate these vulnerabilities. Doing that will not affect NM Collector.

Run Application on “The Cloud” - only if you want to

For those of you less concerned about privacy, you can easily run this collecting application on the cloud. Doing this allows you to access your collections from any desktop computer anywhere there is an internet connection.

Related Android Apps

Through the years many people have requested mobile versions of NM Collector so I built related Android apps. The intent of these apps is to work in conjunction with the Desktop version of NM Collector which makes it easy to input data. That data can then be easily transferred to your mobile device to take with you and make minor adjustments (like easily adding pictures) as necessary on the go and then uploading the changes back to the desktop. Although the mobile apps allow you to enter data from scratch, they are not meant to be the primary means of data entry.

A Note regarding your Privacy and How to Protect it

This program does not plant anything on your system. Nor does it connect to the internet unless you click a request for help or click on an information link from within the program.

Free to small government agencies

Small government agencies, such as police departments, can use NM Collector Software to manage their inventories such as firearms, ammo, and even vehicles. Please see this page for more information.

Do you really need such large pictures?

The biggest performance hit when using this antique collecting software is large pictures stored in the database. Here is a very useful article regarding how big your pictures really need to be on computers. If you still insist on using large pictures, please do the following to help ensure optimal responsiveness of the program.

Select Options > Pictures > Save In File System.

When the system tells you the files are transferred, allow it to delete them from the database.



Lessons Learned from NM Gun Collector

This Collecting Software capitalizes on lessons learned from NM Gun Collector Feedback and experience from many years of success with NM Gun Collector was incorporated into this new inventory software.

Collecting Software User Stories

Scrum is a popular methodology in modern software development. One aspect of Scrum is the concept of “User Stories” where application developers work closely with a single representative of members of the target audience (known as the “Product Owner”) to define system requirements based on a description of the features from the system user’s perspective. The format of a user story is as follows: “As a [type of user] I want [some feature] to provide [some benefit].”

Below, you will find some examples of user stories from a collector’s perspective for features of NM Collector. Please feel free to suggest user stories of your own!

AS A COLLECTOR OF _______________ , I WANT …

to capture identification information (including purchase price and current value) for insurance claims in case of any of my items are lost or stolen.

NM Collector captures key information required by insurance companies for loss claims including identification information, purchase price, current value, appraised value, appraised by, appraisal date, and more including unlimited pictures. Pictures can be loaded through the desktop application and the mobile app can be used to capture pictures which can then be uploaded into the desktop application.

This data can then be exported to excel or insurance reports (with or without pictures) can be saved to PDF files to send to your insurance agent.

to easily view my items electronically so that I do not have to to open my safe or go to any other storage location to see what I have.

You can track any information that you might want to review about any item including pictures so you do not have to actually handle the item to remind yourself exactly what it is and what characteristics it has.

to easily view my items electronically so that I dcan easily decide if I want to make a purchase or sale to improve my collection no matter where I am.

Mobile versions of NM Collector are available that allow you to view pictures and key information on your mobile device where ever you go. NM Collector itself is designed to be run on any computer from a USB flash drive so you can take it with you wherever you go and see your collection using any computer available to you with no installation required.

my data to be safe, secure and accessible only to me and those that I chose to give access to.

There are several security mechanisms available with NM Collector. The first is to run it strictly from a USB Flash drive that you can control access to. That way nobody gets to your data unless you allow them access to the USB flash drive.

One disadvantage of running strictly from a USB flash drive is that it can be slow for large collections. In this case you will want to run NM Collector from your computer hard drive. That will require another level of security which, in this case, is encryption with a password. Of course, you can encrypt your data and password protect it on your USB flash drive as well.

Another key component when it comes to protecting your data is to back it up in case of loss from your primary source (be it a USB flash drive or your desktop hard drive). One way to backup your data is to copy it to another USB flash drive or a hard drive.

to search my collection to quickly find any item.

A “Find” button is provided that can be used to locate any item in the main tree view interface.

to organize my collection by various attributes so I can easily group my items by any characteristic that I want to track.

A "statistics" screen allows you to sort your collection by any attribute that you capture. Once you find an item you can double click it to go to the data entry screens.

to track who I received each item from and, if appropriate, who I gave or sold each item to so that I can easily look them up if required (including BATFE Compliant Bound Book Format for Firearms).

NM Collector provides fields to track receipt and disposition data including date, amount, and person and / or business information for who the item was received from or disposed to. The item can be loaded in order to find who it was received from or dispositioned to. Also, the statistics window can be used to sort by receipt from or disposition to if you want to see all items received from or dispositioned to any individual. For firearms, BATFE compliant reports can be generated.

to track maintenance procedures, when they are completed, and next due, so I can be sure I properly maintaining my items for optimal condition and value.

A screen is provided to capture not only maintenance procedures for each item but also when they were last performed and when they will be required next by elapsed time or elapsed units of your choice.

to track shows and other events by item so I can track any awards or other notable distinctions associate with my items.

Multiple events for each item can be captured including date, cost of the event, helpers, and results.

to keep detailed data sheets of individual components that make up each item so I have a record of its composition. This is particularly useful for certain U.S. Military small arms.

A free form data sheet page is provided allowing you to track all identifiable components of your items. Many data sheet templates are available that can be copied and pasted into this page for you to enter the details for each item.

to define my own fields so I can track the information that I want to track about my collection.

In addition to the predefined fields provided by default, there are many blank fields that can be defined as you want. Almost all of the predefined fields in NM Collector can be renamed to track the information that you want to track.

to define my own collection type in case I cannot find software configured to manage the type of collection that I want to manage.

Not only can individual fields of an existing collection type be redefined to meet your specific requirements, whole new collection types can be defined to meet your needs. You can define your own collection types from scratch or by copying an existing collection type that is close to what you need.

printable documentation so I do not have to read on-line documentation.

Please see printable user manual

quick access to support when I need it.

There are many, perhaps too many, on-line support resources available to research any topic including pictures, textual instructions, and even videos. In addition, email support is available.

the ability to submit recommendations and see my suggestions in a future release of the software so I can help to improve the product.

Suggestions are always encouraged and welcome! This software has a long history of improvements based on feedback from the user community. This tradition will continue as it is one of the best ways to ensure continued success in meeting customer requirements!

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