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Manage any type of collection or Home Inventory


The current version is 4.0.1. This was a major rework in order to continue to support the latest Mac OS. It will require some migration if you upgrade from anything earlier than 4.0.

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Download and installation instructions

Please read the known issues page and backup your data frequently while using this or any database program!

  1. Download free evaluation from our eCommerse site.
  2. Extract contents from downloaded file (zip).
  3. Start entering data.

How To Migrate Your Database From The Old Installation to the New Installation:

If you are upgrading and have already captured data in the old program, you need to migrate that data to the new location following these instructions. This will also migrate your activation if you have activated the software.

  1. Install 4.0.1 to a new folder location. Scroll down for download and installation instructions. In the example below we installed it to C:\NMCollectorJE_4.
  2. Delete the newly installed \NMCollectorJE.app\Contents\Resources\nmcswDB folder in your new installation directory.

    new nmcswDB folder location

  3. Copy the nmcswDB folder located in your old installation directory to the \NMCollectorJE.app\Contents\Resources\ folder in your new installation directory. Also copy the app.props and branding.props files. These are essential if you have encrypted your database. Here is a screen capture of the nmcswDB folder in our old installation directory. If you have activated the software, this will also bring over your activation to your new installation.

    old nmcswDB folder location

  4. Update any shortcuts on your desktop to point to the new installation location. Below we show you our old shortcut and our new shortcut.

    old shortcut

    new shortcut

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